Riggs Physiology provides one-on-one practical education and assistance to enable those with or without barriers to exercise improve their fitness and function.

Jason Riggs

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Exercise from the convenience of your home, at your work or at our private gym.


Exercise should be engaging and enjoyable. Train with modern and specialised equipment through tailored programs.


Extend the boundaries of what you thought was possible. Boost your confidence by achieving real results .

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I have seen a variety of professionals for over 2 decades to assist me keep my body healthy given the number of injuries I have and chronic pain. The nature of my injuries can be fairly unique and most programs are not suitable for me, finding the right person has been difficult. Jason has provided a program suited to me, taken a holistic approach for whole body results and also managed to make it interesting so I remain motivated, a challenge in itself. He is very patient and has excellent communication so I understand why I am doing certain exercises a particular way. Whether you are battling persistent injuries, are post operation or have a long term condition/limitations, Jason has worked with me on each occasion and I have been extremy happy with the results.
Jason helped me to build strength with a personlised training program. His knowledge of working with people with disabilities and adapting sessions according to each individual’s different capabilities and limitations is a great asset. Jason is a great motivator and I’ve enjoyed great benefit as a result. I always look forward to the next session. Richard Maurovic
Richard Maurovic
Riggs Physiology provides a professional and effective service to cater for everyone's needs. I have worked closely with Jason in the past and the training methods he employed allowed me to successfully work through a significant shoulder injury. Jason's attention to detail and understanding of the physiology ensures he is confident in working with any obstacle thrown his way.
Sunny Luthra
Jason worked well with our team (Adelaide Ice Magic) Friendly to work with, adapting to our team and able to answer any questions we had regarding fitness. Very approachable and utilised relevant skills and training methods appropriate for our sport.
Olivia Kate Ruggeiro
Jason is highly skilled, professional and approachable. He creates programs tailored to the individual and achieves outstanding results.
Paul Patiniott
Jason helped me immensely with my own training and how I could work with and improve on existing problems with my physical health. Always adapts to my needs and adapts my routines according. Very helpful!
Antonio Canala
Jason has provided me with invaluable knowledge regarding my fitness, nutrition and weightlifting practices. He has always presented me with personalised information and direction in a professional yet caring manner. This has allowed me to train harder and smarter and avoid the recurrence of injuries I was previously prone to. Wouldn't be where I am today with my lifting without Jason's guidance.
Matt Holder
Complete package. Intelligent training described in down to earth language paired with knowlegable discussions about nutrition and a genuine interest in my improvement. Would recommend to anyone from top athlete friends to my own mother (who now actually trains here). Puts the Rig in Riggs Physiology
Tim andrew
Jason is engaging, motivating and really good at condensing a wealth of knowledge into understandable, actionable chunks. I've learnt a lot from him over the years and can easily reccomend.
ben weightman
Jason is very professional and provides quality advice when learning new exercises and adapting to various diets. Would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their bodies and overall health!
Marko Lockwood
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